Adventure in the Azores

In search of the legend of atlantis.

8 Days - 7 Nights

Ask locals about the history of their island, and the likelihood is they will tell you that you are standing on top of mythical Atlantis. One thing is certain: with its volcanic lakes, steaming geysers and deep green valleys, this is the dream destination for sporty adventurers.

You start with a delightful walk through Ponta Delgada's historic centre, and along the colourful, bustling marina promenade.

Other highlights of this experience trip: Sete Cidades, a huge volcanic crater, the fire lake Lagoa das Furnas with its famous steaming geysers and bubbling springs, a unique whale and dolphin excursion and a visit to the small paradise island of Vila Franca do Campo, just off the coast.

Day 1 : Departure to Sao Miguel

Today, you can officially start your adventure. After you land at São Miguel airport, pick up your rental car. Afterwards, you will be able to relax for 7 nights at one of our charming Caractère hotels.

Day 2 : Ponta Delgada

The capital of São Miguel is Ponta Delgada, the island's most populous town with its 40,000 inhabitants, a particularly attractive town with a rich architectural heritage dating from the 17th to 19th centuries. Stroll the historic centre, wander the streets and descend towards the sea and the marina, where the promenade is transformed into a vibrant and colourful centre by day and especially by night.

Day 3: Sete Cidades

On the third day of your trip, take a trip to the divine Sete Cidades, a huge volcanic crater. The names of the two main lakes are the Lagoa Azul and the Lagoa Verde, the Blue Lake and the Green Lake. They refer to the blue of the sky and the green of the land, though romantics claim that the lakes were created by the tears of a blue-eyed princess separated by fate and a shepherd boy with green eyes.

Day 4 : Porto Formoso

In Porto Formoso, there are several activities to choose from. Enjoy the Praia dos Moinhos beach, one of São Miguel's few white sand beaches, set against a fantastic backdrop of steep rocks in the shape of an amphitheatre. Or take a stroll through the village, visiting the Fábrica de Chá Porto Formoso, the village's most famous tea factory. You'll find numerous tea plantations around Porto Formoso where it's lovely to walk.

Day 5 : Furnas and its Caldeiras

Explore the Lagoa das Furnas (lake of fire) with its famous steaming geysers and bubbling springs. West of the lake lies the church Nossa Senhora das Vitórias, with its impressive neo-Gothic architecture, unique to the Azores. In the same Furnas Valley, you will find the Parque Terra Nostra, a park dating back to the 18th century. These paradise-like subtropical gardens, covering an area of 12 hectares, meander around a walkway past landscaped lakes and streams, exotic flowers and ancient rare tree species, as well as a swimming lake with mustard-coloured iron-rich water.

Day 6 : Whale and dolphin excursion

Enjoy a unique whale and dolphin excursion from Ponta Delgada port. Since the ban on whaling, residents have been using their knowledge to observe and preserve these whales.

Day 7 : Vila Franca do Campo or Ponta da Ferraria

Visit the crater located opposite the village of Vila Franca do Campo, about 1km from the coast. This small island paradise is definitely worth a visit, you can get there by ferry. Its crystal-clear waters and small charming beach lend themselves perfectly to swimming and diving. Or just enjoy yourself in Ponta da Ferraria on one of the rocky islets where you will find natural lakes to swim in.

Day 8 : Going home

Unfortunately, your trip comes to an end. Return your rental car and head home. Can't get enough of the beautiful Azores? Then we will be happy to arrange an extension of your stay in one of our hotels.

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