The divine Cyclades

Unknown, yet all the more loved

11 Days - 10 Nights

When Leto had to give birth to supreme deity Zeus' twins, she fled to Delos. After the birth of Apollo and Artemis, this became the 'Holy Island'. All the islands around it that formed a circle (kýklos) were named Cyclades. But this is a divine destination in more ways than one.

Welcome to Naxos, a patchwork of vineyards and orchards, picturesque fishing villages and historical sites. From here you sail to Tinos, an unknown gem to tourists but, as an important pilgrimage site, a much-loved destination for Greeks. Continue to Paros and its marble quarries, butterfly valley and one of the most beautiful fishing ports in the Cyclades.

Your experience trip ends on Santorini. The must-see here is the 'caldera', a spectacular crater wall against which white villages are built like birds' nests. Every evening you can enjoy the 'most beautiful sunset in the world' there.

Can't get enough of the Cyclades? You can combine your stay with other islands to your heart's content. Contact us to put together your trip completely à la carte.

Day 1: Departure to Santorini

Your trip starts in Santorini, where you can choose to hire a car or book transfers to your hotels on each island. Whatever you choose, Caractère will be happy to help you keep everything on track so you can enjoy yourself to the fullest. Your first night is on Santorini in one of our hotels of your choice.

Day 2: From Santorini to Naxos

The adventure can only really start on Naxos. The interior of this island is a patchwork of vineyards and orchards, typical villages and historical sites. You spend the day touring the Trogea Valley, including Belonia and Aperanthos, the fishing village of Apollonas and the monasteries of Faneroménis and Ypsilatéra. You will stay three nights on Naxos.

Day 3 and 4: Naxos

Day 3 and 4 you will spend exploring Naxos, the largest and most fertile island of the Cyclades. The Portara Gate dominates the harbour of Naxos town including its 'Kastro', one of the most beautiful Venetian citadels in the Cyclades.

Day 5: From Naxos to Tinos

Tinos is an island not yet well known to foreign tourists. For Greeks, however, it is a popular destination as it is one of the most important pilgrimage sites in Greece. To explore this lovely island, stay two nights at a Caractère hotel on Tinos.

Day 6: Tinos

The Cyclades are known for their beautiful white houses with blue doors and windows, and this is no different on Trinos. But one of the most beautiful villages is surely Kardiani, in the north-west of Tinos. A walk through this lovely village is something you should definitely do. The view of the bay of the same name is also impressive.

Day 7: From Tinos to Paros

Paros, the second largest island of the Cyclades after Naxos, is centrally located. The capital Parikia has an old city centre, where there is a lot to explore. Continue your journey to Naoussa with one of the most beautiful fishing ports in the Cyclades. Also make sure to visit the marble quarries and the butterfly valley! On Paros, stay three nights at a Caractère hotel.

Day 8 and 9: Paros and Antiparos

With a 'kaïk' from Paroikia or Pounta, you can reach Antiparos. This small island has just one village, Kastro. Also worth a visit is the cave of Agios Ioannis, which runs some 100 metres deep into the island's highest mountain.

Day 10: From Paros to Santorini

Santorini's main attraction is the 'caldera', which is the steep crater wall against which white villages are built like birds' nests. And, of course, you can enjoy 'the most beautiful sunset in the world' every evening. To end your trip, stay one more night in Santorini at one of our hotels of your choice.

Day 11: Going home

Your adventure is unfortunately over today. It is time to return home. Fancy a longer holiday? Caractère will be happy to help you extend your stay on Santorini.

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