Discovery trip from Zagreb to Split

In the footsteps of legends

10 Days - 9 Nights

It is not difficult to imagine yourself in the footsteps of the famous general Josef Radetzky and his beloved Lipizzaner stallion in this part of Croatia. With Johan Strauss' world-famous Radetzky march as the soundtrack of a unique experience trip...

You start your trip in Zagreb, a lively university city on a human scale. Everything here is perfect to visit on foot. Stroll through the alleys and winding staircases of the baroque upper town, and stroll past the art nouveau buildings, museums and parks of the lower town. And don't forget to enjoy yourself on one of the numerous terraces or in one of the many excellent restaurants.

But there is much more on the programme. How about a walk through a unique national park (Unesco World Heritage Site) with 16 lakes and waterfalls? A tour of medieval villages and towns, or a boat trip to a unique archipelago of 152 islands? Not to mention a visit to Split, Croatia's most beautiful city centre.

Day 1: Departure to Zagreb

This round trip starts in Zagreb, where you will pick up your rental car first of all. In this lively university city, you will stay two nights in a Caractère hotel.

Day 2: Zagreb

Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, has its origins in 2 medieval settlements Kaptol and Gradec, both located on a different hill. Nowadays, Zagreb is a lively university town, a city on a human scale. Walking is the way par excellence to discover its beauty, as all sights are easily accessible on foot. You can head to the baroque upper town, Gornji Grad, with its alleys and stairways winding past palaces and churches, or stroll past Art Nouveau buildings, the fascinating museums and the magnificent parks of the lower town, Donji Grad. Zagreb also stands for 'enjoy', on one of its numerous terraces or in one of its excellent restaurants.

Day 3: The Lakes of Plitvice

This unique National Park, which is a Unesco World Heritage Site, with 16 lakes feeding each other via a series of cascading waterfalls, is set in a forested mountainous landscape. You will discover it with mapped walks ranging from 2 hours to 8 hours. Your journey continues to Zadar, where you can rest for 5 nights in one of our hotels.

Day 4: The island of Pag and the surroundings of Zadar

Today you will visit the tiny medieval village of Nin, where you will find a delightful pre-Christian church from the 9th century, the oldest in Croatia. You then continue to the island of Pag, with its impressive 'lunar landscapes'.

Day 5: Zadar, the most northerly of the fortified Dalmatian towns and former capital of Dalmatia

Zadar has always been an important city. Founded three thousand years ago, inhabited by Liburnian tribes and ruled by Roman emperors, it grew into a considerable Byzantine centre and later a favourite haunt for the Venetians. As early as the 7th century, the city became the capital of Dalmatia, an honour it would retain until 1918. Exploring Zadar is best done on foot. In a fairly limited area, you will be overwhelmed with both historical and cultural highlights such as the Forum Romanum. Four centuries of Venetian rule have left their traces here, but it is mainly the Church of St Donatius that has become the city's symbol. At sunset, take a pleasant stroll along the 'Riva' and the 'sea organ', a single concept of 35 tubes under specially constructed steps, which produce a harmonious sound thanks to the union of water and wind.

Day 6: The dazzlingly beautiful Kornati Islands

This unique archipelago of 152 islands with no more than two permanent residents, between Zadar and Šibenik, offers abstract barren landscapes. It can only be visited by boat with a special permit or with an organised excursion, as it is a protected nature reserve.

Day 7: Paklenica National Park

Your journey continues to Paklenica National Park.This National Park is located in the heart of the Velebit Mountains and is renowned for its impressive ridges and dizzying canyons.

Day 8: Sibenik or Trogir

Šibenik was built in the 9th century on a hill rising above the rest. It was a city of fishermen and pirates and the scene of the hundred-year battle between Venice and Byzantium. The city's strategic location meant that Šibenik was under constant threat and therefore made sure it was well-defended: the two towers at the harbour, the old ramparts and the 3 forts. Šibenik likes to show off its beautiful medieval city centre with the famous St James' Cathedral, a true masterpiece. The cobbled alleyways and maze of steps lend the town an Italian charm making it a pleasant place to stay. Trogir is located on a small island, connected to the mainland by a bridge. So many gems of architecture from Greek, Roman, medieval and Venetian history can be found here, in towers, churches and palaces, which are also excellently preserved. At the end of the day, you will travel on to your next Caractère hotel where you will stay for two nights.

Day 9: Historic Split

Split is today the most amazing city centre in Croatia, the city is built around the more than 1700-year-old palace of Emperor Diocletian, a true labyrinth of streets and buildings, Corinthian columns, Romanesque and Baroque houses, Roman bas-reliefs, Gothic-Renaissance facades, this combined with numerous shops, bars and terraces. Visit this impressive Diocletian's Palace, the Republic Square, the pleasant Riva or seafront promenade, the Archaeological Museum, the Galerija Mestrovič ...

Day 10: Going home

All good things come to an end, and unfortunately so does your trip. After returning your rental car, you're ready to head back home. Fancy a longer holiday? Caractère will take care of that for you.

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