Bright white and azure blue, that's Greece. A country with a casual atmosphere and the philosophy "nothing is forever." An endless coastline, breathtaking mountains, vast forests and history galore. Greece is a land of great contrasts. Visit Athens and the mainland for culture, travel to the islands for breathtaking nature and endless sunsets. And the rich Greek cuisine? You'll happily find that everywhere. Feel the excitement we feel every time we visit Greece. A rich mix of experiences and the ideal place to enjoy sun, dance and delicious food.

Does traveling to Greece in winter sound strange to you? Not at all necessary because Greece is much more than a summer destination. When you think of Greece you think of the sun reflected in the turquoise clear water, white houses contrasting against the deep blue sky, endless sandy beaches and delicious Greek cuisine. And, of course, you're thinking absolutely right. You think of Greece in the summer. But the country is so rich in history and culture that it is also a perfect winter destination. The beaches are just as endless but less crowded, the sun still reflects in the water but less bright and the cuisine, it remains just as delicious. Winter is the best time to experience the culture, history and versatility of this beautiful country. Start your trip in Athens and then immerse yourself in the mystique of ancient Greece. Your winter is too short to explore Greece, so what are you waiting for?



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