Here's why you'll want to vacation in Cyprus this year.

cyprus rock

Cyprus in a nutshell: a place with a rich culture, a wonderful climate and magnificent beaches.

The island is a floral paradise, a place where cyclamens and where cyclamen and wild orchids steal the show, and poppies are responsible for an explosion of color. And if you're thinking, "But I want to sit and people-watch! don't worry. There are more terraces than there are excuses for putting your diet on hold. to put your diet on hold. And the icing on the cake? Your bank account stays as relaxed as relaxed as you are, because you can eat incredibly delicious food for the price of a cinema ticket (sort of, of course).

So use your imagination: imagine a place where where the furniture whispers "I've seen better days", but where the food sings like a Greek god. This is the place to eat incredibly delicious food, surrounded by the charm of Cyprus. surrounded by the charm of Cyprus. The island is a stone's throw from Turkey (if you're an Olympic athlete). from Turkey (if you're an Olympic shot-putter, at least), and offers you an azure sea, pristine white beaches and a dry season that lasts so long you almost forget what an umbrella is. that you almost forget what an umbrella looks like.

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