What is a boutique hotel?

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A breath of fresh air is blowing through the hotel world. The era of impersonal, overpriced chain hotels seems to be giving way to something unique: the boutique hotel. But what exactly does this charming newcomer encompass? It's hard to find a precise definition, but let's take a look at the characteristics that make boutique hotels so special.

A boutique hotel, whose charm lies in the smallest detail, is renowned for its intimate atmosphere and unique style that exudes elegance. Far from the uniformity of the big chains, each of these gems offers a personal touch you won't find anywhere else. With a deep appreciation of their history, boutique hotels combine comfort and character, making every night a story in itself. Often nestled in the heart of bustling towns, they are the ideal starting point for those wishing to discover the region's secrets, in luxurious surroundings and with personalized attention.

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