Island hopping in Mykonos & Santorini

Romance and nature in the Cyclades

8 Days - 7 Nights

Heavenly beaches, a vibrant nightlife, spectacular landscapes... Mykonos and Santorini are the two most famous islands of the Cyclades for a reason. Here you can hop from exclusive boutiques to imposing craters in the blink of an eye.

Mykonos is known for its cosy harbour, beautiful museums and scenic neighbourhoods. Of course, it is also known for its heavenly beaches, where you can relax and take a boat trip to the 'holy island' of Delos, home of the twin gods Apollo and Artemis.

Santorini, the birthplace of Cycladic culture, is like love at first sight. Even from the boat, you can see the black crater walls looming before you and white villages high up contrasting against the blue sky. It is a one-of-a-kind, unforgettable sight with breathtaking views. And at the end of the day, you will be able to enjoy the "most beautiful sunset in the world".

Day 1: Departure to Mykonos

Your tour of the Cyclades will start in Mykonos, where you will first pick up your rental car. You will stay four nights in a Caractère hotel of your choice on the beautiful island of Mykonos.

Day 2: Mykonos

In the town of Mykonos, in addition to a cosy harbour, you will find some beautiful museums that are well worth a visit. The white church of Panagia Paraportiani is also definitely something worth admiring. Then, you can stroll through the picturesque Mikra Enetia (Little Venice) district where houses were built right up to the edge of the sea.

Day 3: Mykonos

In Ano Mera, you can pay a visit to the 16th-century Panagia Tourliani monastery, known for its imposing towers and ancient frescoes. Furthermore, Mykonos is known for its paradisiacal beaches, where you surely will be able to rest and relax.

Day 4: Delos

On day 4, you'll take the boat to Delos. Located in the centre of the Cyclades, the 'holy island' of Delos is the birthplace of the twin gods Apollo and Artemis. The famous 'Terrace of the Lions' originally featured nine lions made of Parian marble, of which five remain today. A sixth lioness can be admired in Venice.

Day 5: Boat trip Mykonos - Santorini

The adventure continues with a boat trip from Mykonos to Santorini. You will arrive by boat at the crater of Santorini, which is an unforgettable experience. Black crater walls loom before you and white villages stand out against the blue sky up high. In Minoan times, Santorini's volcano erupted and buried the ancient town of Akrotiri beneath 50 metres of pumice. Little more than two walls remained of Santorini, which used to be a circular island with a 1200 metre-high volcano. You will stay on Santorini for three nights, once again at a Caractère hotel of your choice.

Day 6: Santorini, a unique sight

Your trip carries on with a tour of Santorini, where you can enjoy dazzling views of the 'caldera'. The best views are from Oia or Thíra, the island's capital. You can also visit the giant crater by catamaran, which is certainly a fun experience. At the end of the day, you will be able to enjoy the 'most beautiful sunset in the world'.

Day 7: Santorini

Santorini is believed to be the birthplace of Cycladic culture. With a visit to the village and museum of Akrotíri, you will learn a lot about the history of this beautiful island. A tour through the centre of the island will take you past pretty villages with churches and monasteries.

Day 8: Return home

Today, unfortunately, your trip is over, time to return home. Do you feel like staying longer? We are more than happy to arrange for you to stay a little longer at one of our Caractère hotels in the Cyclades.

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