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Round trips




Experience Sicily and the Aeolian Islands

Sicily and its daughters

13 Days - 12 Nights

Millions of Sicilians left their homeland over the years. With all their possessions on their backs, they migrated to better places. Thousands of years of colonisation had made life on the island hard: the interior, where the dry sirocco hunts, became impoverished. The fishing villages emptied out. Only beautiful ruins remained as witnesses to the many civilisations of yesteryear. This experience trip takes you to the glories of the past and present in cosy Taormina, baroque Syracuse or on the imposing Etna. In the distance, where sea and sky merge, lie like seven tiny dots the Aeolian Islands, with sulphur and glowing lava, with flowers and sweet grapes, a school of tuna in between. A sight you won't soon forget.

Day 1 : Departure to Catania

Pick up your rental car at Catania airport. You choose to stay in the baroque region near Noto and Syracusa.

Day 2 : Syracuse

Today you visit beautiful Syracuse with its 5th-century BC amphitheatre, its ancient 'latomie' (stone quarries) and its peninsula of Ortigia, where time has stood still.

Day 3: Noto Noto is a baroque gem: not to be missed are the magnificent cathedral, the primitive squares and the decorated balconies in the 'Via Corrado Nicolaci'. Those who can't get enough of the baroque can continue on to Modica, situated in a narrow valley with some beautiful baroque buildings and to Ragusa with the magnificent San Giorgio church in the old part of town.

Day 4: Caltagirone - Piazza Armerina Today explore Caltagirone, with its monumental staircase covered in ceramic tiles, and Piazza Armerina, with its magnificent mosaics in the Villa Romana del Casale.

Day 5 : Milazzo - Salina

You drive to Milazzo, where you leave your car in a secure car park. The port and boarding point for the ferry to Salina are nearby. Here you will stay in a beautiful Caractère hotel from where you can discover all the Aeolian islands.

Day 6 : Salina

Explore 'L'Isola dei Capperi', the second largest Aeolian island with 2 active volcanoes and a magnificent, unspoilt nature. Salina has around 2,300 inhabitants, who proudly and lovingly share the story of their typical Malvasia wine. Film lovers will certainly recognise this setting, the film Il Postino (1994) was largely shot here.

Day 7 : Vulcano

Today you will explore the volcanic island of Vulcano. Interesting excursions include climbing the crater, the monster valley on Vulcanello, Capo Grillo and Gelso beach, with its ancient lighthouse. Make sure to take a dip in one of the natural sulphurous pools.

Day 8: Stromboli

Take the boat to Stromboli. Stromboli is one of Europe's most active and spectacular volcanoes: small eruptions take place about every half-hour. The fire-breathing volcano is best observed at dusk. If you are in good shape, you can climb the volcano with a guide (climb up to 900 metres and takes about 6 hours round trip). Or opt for a night boat trip to see the lava flowing into the sea. Absolutely an unforgettable experience!

Day 9: Vulcano - Milazzo - Taormina

You will hop on the boat back to Milazzo, where you will pick up your rental car and stay in or near the centre of Taormina. Choose a stay in a tropical setting or in a historic beachfront hotel.

Day 10: THE ETNA Europe's largest active volcano awaits you. A cable lift or a 4x4 jeep takes you to the top before exploring some craters on foot with a volcano guide. Those who reach the top will be treated to dizzying panoramas and a fantastic natural spectacle. Be sure to ask about our excursion options. We offer lots of activities to suit every age and ability level.

Day 11 and 12 : Taormina

Enjoy your final days in one of the most beautiful Sicilian locations in an immensely welcoming atmosphere. With its ancient Greek Theatre, Taormina has more to offer than cosy streets, wonderful shops and very wide choice of restaurants. In Bassa Taormina, accessible by cable lift, there are several bays for swimming and snorkelling.

Day 13: Going home

Your holiday has come to an end. You will hand in your rental car and board the plane to return home.

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